Welcome to Early Discoveries Pre-school 

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We aim to:

  • Enable the transition from early childhood learning to school and ensure we have your child/dren well equipped for their journey of education in the early years of schooling.

  • Provide families and children with educationally appropriate curriculum that support the Early Years Learning Framework whilst acknowledging the importance of learning through play.

  • Provide an environment where families can contribute to the program together with educators to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for the “whole child”.

  • Give each child the opportunity to evolve and develop in an environment which supports and develops their individualism as well as nurturing their strengths, aspirations and sense of self.

  • Afford all families and children equal opportunity to access programs, resources and activities without prejudice.

  • Promote a positive environment of diversity by supporting families and children regardless of their culture, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, gender or abilities.

  • Provide education and awareness of our Australian history in order to bridge the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.

  • Provide a supportive environment for our employee’s so that they can achieve their professional and personal goals.




In relation to our children

  • To develop and maintain a Montessori approach curriculum, while still supporting the Early Years Learning Framework which supports, develops and extends the needs
  • To provide a physically safe and emotionally secure environment where children learn and have fun.
  • To encourage children’s awareness and respect of diverse cultures while also bridging the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous and special needs.
  • To encourage a rich and engaging environment where children’s voices are heard and acted upon.

In relation to our families

  • To develop and maintain positive staff-family relations through collaborative practices and the promotion of an ‘open-door’ policy.
  • To provide a community service that meets the needs of both children and families.
  • To respect the cultural, social and special needs background of each child and family and to bridge the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous families.
  • To establish open communication through various channels for the exchange of information between families and centre employees.
  • To act as a link between families and other community services.
  • We recognise involving the family unit in the planning and implementation of the philosophy, the policies and the programs within the Centre.

In relation to our employees, management aims to

  • Promote positive relations in a teamwork environment.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to keep up to date with our evolving industry through attendance at workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Promote professional development through encouraging our employees to continue their education regarding early childhood education.

In relation to the community

  • We aim to network with other community services to enable us to provide useful links to our families.
  • We aim to be recognized as an educational and supportive resource for the community.


Early Discoveries we believe each child is a unique individual in their own right and that their special abilities, interests and backgrounds are a very important contribution to the community. We will work with families to provide quality care and an educational program within a warm, secure environment. Within the prepared environment we will focus on developing social skills, early literacy and numeracy skills.